Enric Adell. Graphic Design&Illustration
Enric Adell — Graphic Design & Illustration

Garage Beer Co. is a new brewery located in the heart of Barcelona.
It aims to be a meeting point for urban beer sybarites.

These are the illustrations I made of some of the products and combo offers
that you can find in the menu.


Second issue of VOLATA magazine. Cycling, cultre and journalism.
Collaboration with Jordi Rins. Cover illustration by Riki Blanco.

VOLATA is a magazine about cycling culture covering all sorts of two-wheeled sports,
from road bicycle racing to cyclocross and other urban and cycling practices.
The magazine is designed to invite the reader to a slow paced experience, in accordance to
its in-depth articles, interviews and photographic routes.
Collaboration with Jordi Rins.


A making-off book for the spanish film Blancanieves by director Pablo Berger.
The film is inspired by early black and white silent cinema and the book follows the style
of the intertitles in it.
In collaboration with Jordi Rins and with the beautiful pictures of Yuko Harami.

Client: Arcadia Motion Pictures

For about two years I worked at Revistas Exclusivas art directing and designing a monthly issue of Barcelonés,
a big-format magazine on urban culture and modern lifestyle in the city of Barcelona. Collaborations
with top local illustrators and photographers was a must to give a quality and unique approach to every issue.
I worked hand-by-hand with my designer workmate and friend Raül Vicent.